Sunday, April 26, 2009

Five Months

Little Brody turned five months old today. I just can't believe it. Our little guy has been with us for 150 days. Where has the time gone!! This week, he discovered his feet. All he wants to do is grab on to them. He also wants to sit up so he can check out all that is going on with everyone, can you say Little Tim! :-). Poor guy, I wonder what he thinks when Blake and Sydney are going at it. He just looks at them and smiles!!

It was time for the girls to go their separate ways yesterday afternoon so we met Steph, Matt, Jacob and Natalia at our favorite Mexican restaurant - Alicia's in Cypress. After we went to the outlet mall. Brody is in desperate need of some new clothes. He is wearing 12 months right now and he's only five months!! Everyone tells us we have a football player on our hands, not if Tim has anything to do with it though!! It so funny how people just come up to us and give us their honest opinion of him...what a fat baby, wow, he's so big, wow, look at his fat cheeks, he's soooo chunky and my most favorite one of all, he's so juicy! I know he's big and one day he will thin out like Blake and Sydney but the comments hurt sometimes. It's as if I'm doing something wrong! Steph and I had fun shopping at Gymboree, Carters and Osh Kosh. As much as I wanted a boy sooo bad, I must admit, it's just hard finding cute little boy stuff, but I found a few things so we are back in business Mr. B.

We took Jacob with us so he could spend the night and the kids went to Parents' Night Out at the gym from 6-11. Blake begs us to go each week. They absolutely love it there. While the kids were gone, we caught up on Harper's Island, our new show to watch. So far, we love it!! This morning, the kids had a blast watching You Tube videos. One of their favorites is Charlie Bit My Finger. Sydney giggles and giggles when she watches it. We had a birthday party at Pump It Up today so they bounced around and sugared up on cake and goodie bag candy. Blake and Sydney were so glad that they were able to hang with their cousins all weekend long.

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