Sunday, June 3, 2012

My sister's birthday...

Friday night was my sister's birthday dinner at Carrabba's, one of our family's favorite places.  There were 17 of us in all including 7 kids! These are some of the pictures of our night! 

The second day of summer was much quieter!  Tim took the boys to baseball, I had planned on going but Sydney had a birthday party.  Caroline's mom offered to take Sydney to the party AND bring her home too!!  Soooo, I suddenly had an eMpTy house and took advantage of the time to go find a dress for Sydney for the Huntoon wedding we attended last night.  What a treat to have shopping time ALONE.  I almost didn't know what to do with myself.  While at Target, families were everywhere.  So many kids where misbehaving badly!!  I wonder how we sound when we are out, I'm sure no better, haha!!
Tomorrow's post...the wedding!

Friday, June 1, 2012

First day of summer

June 1st is here!!  Yippee, it's the first day of summer.  I'm glad after a long school year that my babies are finally mine again {even though today was rough}!!

I am loving the Keep Calm iPhone app, and made this yesterday while sitting in the carpool line for the last time of Sydney's second grade year.

Today started off lazy, we all slept in!  It was one of the best nights of sleep I have had all week.  I loved it!!  On Instagram, I am taking part of the photo-a-day challenge - I will get through this month without missing a day!  :0  Today's day was morning, so I snapped a picture of my clock, the time that I woke up!  Oh, did it feel good to sleep this late!

Since Tim's shoulder surgery two weeks ago today, the house has been a WRECK!!  Toys, laundry, stuff, everywhere!!  I'm putting all that off until next week since we have a busy weekend ahead!  It's so hard for me though, I feel so much more productive when things are organized and in their places!  First up, we had to make our first batch of summer lemonade, what's summer without it?!

Brody and Sydney wanted to go outside and swim in the little plastic pool, so we did that for awhile and enjoyed the awesomely amazing weather for the first of June.  Blue skies ruled today with the nicest breeze.  After they went in to watch a movie, I enjoyed a lil' quiet mommy time listening to the birds chirp, the planes flying overhead, the sound of kids playing outside, all without the constant hum of all the air conditioners running.  It was just the bit of calm I needed before heading back inside to the constant, "mom, mom, mom", oh and the fighting and crying!   

Unfortunately, we received some bad news today.    Tim's dad has not been feeling well the last few weeks, and went into have some tests run.  The doctor's office called and wanted him to go in for the test results.  We knew immediately that didn't sound good.  There is a 95% chance he has lung cancer.  He will have to have a biopsy on Monday to see for sure.  Poor Tim, this is too soon.  We just lost his mom to cancer 7 months ago.  We are not ready to go through this all over again!  All we can do is pray!  The doctor said it looks like they caught it early.  But, regardless,!

Today is Stephanie's birthday.  Tim's dad told us to go to her birthday dinner, or else, we would have spent the evening with him, since he was upset about today's news.  We ate at Carrabba's, all 17 of us!  We missed Blake.  Now that he's a big 7th grader, his priority is friends and going to the movies!

This is a picture of Steph and me taken in the back of the good ole' station wagon, circa 1970 something!  It's my favorite childhood picture of us!  Sisters and best friends...I'm so blessed to have such a caring, loving, creative, talented, and funny sister!  Happy birthday Steph!  I love you!