Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brody is 14 months..this should have been posted last month

I can't believe I haven't blogged for over a month, where has life gone...way too fast. 

What a big month this was for Brody.  He took his first steps on January 13th.  I call him my little E.T. since he wobbles from side to side as he walks.  He is still a bit shaky and falls down quite a bit, but he's doing pretty good.  My little guy turned a bit independent overnight.  He still loves to crawl around to get somewhere faster since he can't run.  I will miss how fast he is and how he crawls with his head down.  It always makes me giggle.

Your little personality is shining.  You want to talk so bad and it's so funny when you are telling us your mad about something.  Here are some things you are doing:
  • Noticing Mr. Moon and pointing
  • You can stand up on your own
  • Love to play in Blake or Sydney's rooms
  • Sydney makes you mad when she holds you like a doll
  • You take all my stuff out from my bathroom cabinets (all my products) and you chunk them in the bathtub one-by-one
  • You discovered the toilet flusher handle, you think it's funny to stand there and press the button over and over and stick your hands in the toilet too if someone forgets to close the seat
  • You get really mad if a door is closed and you know someone is on the other side
  • Very clingy to mommy and you cry when I leave you in the nursery during church
  • You love other little people and they always make you smile
  • You bite on your finger when you study something
  • You wear size 18 months and size 4 diapers
  • Still waking in the middle of the night, usually 3am for a bottle and you have had an itchy dry cough like every night
  • You snore, tee hee, it's so cute!
  • Playing on your own better if mommy is around
  • You loooove balls and throwing them
  • Always grabbing for daddy's hats and our sunglasses, you try to put the hats and glasses on
  • Standing on dishwasher door and you always want the JetDry cap
  • Eating more big people food - oatmeal for breakfast, cheese, fruit, cereal, raisins, Chick-Fil-A nuggets, green beans, black beans, anything we eat-you want!
  • You love being outside and cry if everyone is out there but you
  • You sit quietly in your new red wagon from Nana and Grandpa, you're happy as long as you are outside
  • Things you say -cool (school), said that, ball, hat, nigh nigh,

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