Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chocolate Easter Bunny Heaven

A parent's worst nightmare and a kid's dream - an 18 ounce chocolate Easter bunny waiting to be eaten, courtesy of Nana and Grandpa (thanks so much by the way)!!  Sydney couldn't wait to rip that plastic wrap off and dive right into her $9 bunny.  The thing is almost three times the size of my shoe.  Sydney was in pure heaven!!!  We have a whole stash of chocolate bunnies to eat - thanks Uncle Kirk!!  I'm thinking of melting them all and adding it to my Texas Sheet Cake batter the next time I make it - yuuum! 

By the way, the only other person I know who loves chocolate more than anything is my niece Alexa.  She absolutely adores chocolate.  I would give anything to see this in her hands and see the kind of faces she would make...priceless!  I hope everyone had a nice Easter!

Oh, you better believe I'm gonna try to eat this whole thing, cavities, what cavities??
His eyes were tasty and he smells soooo good!
Yeah, it was me who ate his ear, you want some?!

Sydney's Easter Bunny Sidewalk Chalk Art

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