Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Baaack and Mother's Day Out!

Note:  This post was written last week, I just never got around to publishing!

Wow, it's so hard to believe how fast the summer went by and how crazy busy our lives are. I have been such a bad blogger for neglecting my writing.  Blake, Sydney and Brody kept me on my toes for sure this summer.  By the end of the night, I had no energy to do anything except hit the fast forward and play button on the remote to catch up on DVR'd shows.  

What a week this has been.  Bittersweet.  Brody's first week of Mother's Day Out and my first week to be alone during the day in nearly two years.  Brody has been my buddy, my someone to talk to, someone who makes me laugh, my non-napper, my sidekick, my lil' messy man!  He's my first baby to have separation anxiety since he is not a daycare baby like Blake and Sydney were.

I have thought about Mother's Day Out for soooo long.  How would he manage, how would I manage?  I knew it was BEST for both of us.  It would give me a break to run errands, to work on orders, to get a pedicure, to read at Barnes and Noble, to lunch with my mom and sister, to catch up with friends, the list goes on an on.  It would give Brody the chance to socialize with other kids his age, to have fun and to do something different besides watching Yo Gabba Gabba ten times a day.

Last Thursday was Meet the Teacher.  He had so much fun meeting his teachers, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Ali.  They are very sweet.  Ms. Kelly has two kids of her own and very close in age to Brody and Ms. Ali is in college studying to be a elementary teacher and she is also a nanny for triplets on the side.  So, he is in very loving and capable hands.  He played and played with the other little boys.  It turns out that there are 7 boys out of his little class of ten.  Wow!!  He played with the cars and the bubbles and we were actually the last ones to leave, he didn't want to go.

Ms. Ali, Brody, Ms. Kelly

Brody discovering his new classroom!

Tuesday was our first official day of Mother's Day Out.  We had talked about "school", his teachers, his backpack and his new friends for several days.  He was excited to be back when we arrived.  What happened to my little baby,  he looked like such a big boy.                                                                                                                       

When we got to his classroom, he actually reached over the door to go in.  Wow, how nice if it would be this easy every day.  I was able to skedaddle on out really fast while he played.  All I could think of was, what was he going to do when he turned around and realized mommy wasn't there.  I did not cry like I thought I might.  I think I was so excited to be able to go anywhere and do anything I wanted.  My friend Kara also has two little boys who are there.  So, we hung out the entire day.  We shopped, talked, lunched and Starbucked it.  It was such a rainy,cozy and nasty day.  It was perfect to enjoy my first "me" day.  Is that selfish?

Brody's teachers said he did good.  He cried for about 20 minutes after I left and then he had a great day.  When I went to pick him up, he looked at me and studied my face for several long seconds.  The minute he recognized me, he began to let out the sweetest cry of relief.  I grabbed him and he held on to me so tight.  It made me feel so warm and fuzzy.

I feel like I can now be more calm and be a better mommy.  Isn't that crazy what 10 hours alone a week can do for you??  I feel refreshed and renewed!!!!

This morning, well, it was not so good.  B wanted me to hold him tight.  Finally, like I have heard, you can't do the long goodbye.  I just had to walk out as quickly as I could.  It hurt my heart.  As I type this, I have about half an hour left and I can say, all day long, I have had this sick feeling that he thinks I abandoned him.

I know it will get better as time goes on and I shouldn't feel that way.  But this is a big change for both of us and it will just take some time getting used to this.

Here is Brody's first artwork.  I'm so proud of my big boy!!  

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