Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is already here!  How??  Yes, I will be out shopping today for some last minute gifts.  Call me crazy, it usually happens every year!!  I learned thought from previous Christmases to not save all the wrapping for today.  I do not want to spend my Christmas Eve wrapping all night. 

What are your Christmas Eve traditions?  We have always spent the night at my parent's house on Christmas Eve after church.  Before we had kids, we usually went to dinner after, watched Christmas Vacation and played games.  With way too many kids amongst my sister and I, it's not so easy to do that anymore.  Now, my mom makes chili and we spend time together watching the kids play and talking.  We have not spent Christmas Eve or Christmas morning at our house.  We ask the kids every year if they want Santa to come to their house and they say no, Coach and Grammy's house is way more fun since there are a lot of people there.  That is the tradition they remember and how they want it to be, so I guess it's not changing!

For the past month, I have taken Christmas pictures for many friends for their Christmas cards.  Yesterday, it was my turn to take pictures of my kids.  We had a fun little photo shoot and here are some of their pictures.

Enjoy your traditions with your family and friends on this Christmas Eve! 


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