Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brody's Obsessions

This is SUCH a fun time with my little man!!  Brody is such the little chatterbox lately at 2 years and 2 months.  Right now his favorites are cars, trucks and motorcycles (he calls them michaels).  Everytime he hears or sees a motorcycle, he FLIPS out and gets this look on his face that cracks us up!  Other favorites=Yo Gabba Gabba still, Handy Manny, coloring on floors, walls and in coloring books, putting on his coboy (cowboy) hat, talking about his girl cousins, playing with his MDO friends (one little girl in particular Madilyn), talking about his daddy being at work, riding bikes outside and eating fruit snacks (stawbies he calls them)!

 Lining up the cars keeps him busy for a good 20 minutes and they have to be so precise!

This is the motorcycle (michaels) look if you talk about them or see them.

 Coloring and sure it can be on the ground by the car!

 Brody is so excited to see this everytime we go to the grocery store!

One of his favorite little toys he loves to hold!

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