Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another ER visit...

Since it's been forever since I have regularly blogged, I'm going to play catch-up for the month of February.  Up until last month, I had only visited the ER twice in my career as a mom for the last {almost 12 years}.  I think that's a pretty good record, thank you kids for playing it safe!  It should have actually been three times, but I won mother of the year award a few years back when Blake broke his wrist, only I didn't know it was broken until three days later :-(.

Enter, Friday night, February 10th, almost a month ago.  My sweet, grown-up sixth grader, Blake, requested to go to the skating rink with his friends.  It's the fun Friday night hangout place to be for the pre-teen crowd.  I lived at the skating rink when I was his age, the same skating rink.  Oh, do I feel old!  Of course, we let him go.  There is a uniformed police officer who stays there the entire night, so I feel safe leaving him there for a few hours.

Most weeks, we don't even get a call from Blake.  We text back and forth, just to make sure everything is ok.  Skating starts at 7pm, and we HAVE to be there on the dot!  A few hours later, he called Tim's phone crying that he fell and hit his head on the skating rink floor, and he wanted to come home.  Tim picked him up and the minute he walked in the door, he ran right to me, and buried his head as he hugged me.  He began sobbing uncontrollably.  My strong boy doesn't normally cry like this.  We talked about it and he said it really freaked him out.  I suggested that he get in the tub to relax.  I began asking him how hard he hit his head, and if he caught himself.  I don't think he liked that I was asking him so many questions.  I think it scared him. 

Kids have fears, certain fears like death.  He asked me if he was going to die {that broke my heart}!  I reassured him that would not happen.  A few minutes into his bath, he began to vomit.  Over and over.   I immediately Googled head injury and vomiting and it pulled up concussion, and to seek immediate medical attention.  My poor baby was hurting, and it killed me that I wasn't there to see how hard he hit his head on the skating rink floor due to him tripping on his skate.  Mommy guilt, check!

So, at 11pm, up to the ER it was.  I stayed home with Brody and Sydney while Tim took Blake to the ER.  They waited and waited, and waited some more.  Blake had to have a CT scan to assess the injury.  I prayed and prayed and cried for my first born, who hadn't been to the ER since he was four.  I prayed to God that he would wrap his arms around Blake and take care of him, and give him comfort.  Finally, Tim called around 3:30am to let me know that he was ok.  The scan came back good.  He had a mild concussion without losing consciousness. 

Blake came home and went straight to sleep.  I knew I wouldn't be getting any sleep though.  I kept checking him so often to make sure he was breathing.  I watched his chest rise up and down, I felt so blessed that God took care of my baby!  All that was left was a nasty looking bruise on his right forehead.  He hasn't been back to the rink since then!

Sweet text Blake sent me telling me he loved me! 

ER Score
Blake - 2
Sydney - 1
Brody - 0 and hoping to keep it that way!  Although, he's a rough and tough little boy...

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