Monday, December 7, 2009

My Little Clark Griswald Jr.

One day after school last week, Blake hit the great outdoors to figure out how he could change up his light display.  He gets so excited each year at Christmas to get the boxes of lights down.  Blake does the entire yard himself, with a little help from his Daddy.  He worked for three long hours up in the tree winding and unwinding the lights.  He got up and down from the ladder, came in and out of the house to come get me.  He climbed back up the tree and did the final plug in.  After all the hours spend, the mid section of lights did not work.  Oh little Clark Jr. was not too happy.  He begged us to take him to get new lights even though it was too late to work on it.  After many more hours up in the tree, we did the drum roll and they all worked!

Climbing up in the tree!

Mapping out the strategy!

How, why did this happen?  Mid-section doesn't work!

Could this be the culprit?  Blake's most favorite person of all!  She secretly climbed up the ladder when Blake wasn't looking!

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