Monday, January 11, 2010

Arctic Blast

Baby, it's cold outside!!!  I am so ready to lower the heat, de-thaw and open the windows.  I love cold weather, but this cold weather, well, I have had enough of it!!!  My tile floor is too cold and I feel the chill in my bones!  For the last week, the weather guys have been forecasting this "Arctic Blast".  We prepared last week by bringing potted plants and flowers into the garage, wrapping pipes and covering up my rose bushes.  The blast arrived without any snow or sleet which we were bummed about!!  The kids have loved to play outside the past few days regardless of how cold it is.  Poor little Sydney thinks it's still summer and attempts to go outside with her flip flops on until I get a hold of her!!

So, after church on Saturday evening, the kids noticed some big ice chunks around the baptismal fountain.  Blake and Sydney's friends Bryson and Kinley came to church with us too.  They thought it was so cool that sheets of ice were waiting for them to pick apart and start throwing into the middle of the water.  It was so frozen that the ice was solid.  Blake got all excited to see the other side and ran around as fast as can be not realizing that the ice was there and he fell into the pool all the way up to his chest.  He looked panicked for a second and tried to get out but couldn't since the water was so cold (had to be in the 20's).  I was still on the other side of the fountain when I saw what happened and couldn't get there fast enough in my heels.  Kinley was his hero and pulled him out!!!  He immediately began crying, I know it scared him.  He was all soaking wet in 30 degree weather.  Tim wondered why he looked all shiny as he got closer to the car.  His semi-new shoes were freezing and soaked, his jeans were dripping everywhere and he had to take it all off before he got in the car.  It was so funny that he had to wear my purple jacket with a furry collar over his lap.  There went going out to eat - one of Blake's favorite things to do after church.  Once we all got situated in the car, we mentioned how lucky he was that there were people around.  That frigid water can be paralyzing.  We told him about a little four year old that died this week after falling in icy water.  That just breaks my heart and I can't even imagine loosing your baby that way!!  After awhile, we all busted out laughing.  Leave it to Blake, his excitement got the best of him!!  He got a little mad that we laughed and he gave us the silent treatment for awhile, but we told him it's ok to laugh at yourself, Jesus and Kinley took care of him and he knew it was funny!! 

You can see how wet Blake got, we got home and he sat under the hair dryer for a few minutes and curled up under a blanket fresh out of the dryer!

It was so cold Sunday morning - 20 degrees.  One of Brody's bottles was left in the car overnight and the milk was frozen!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I wish we would have been there to see that. Poor Blake! That sounds like something Sydney would do!!