Friday, October 7, 2011


I'm a bad blogger, it's been almost four months since a post!  It's 9:19am and my little Brody Monster is still in his sweet slumber.  It just seemed like the perfect blog opportunity.  I was in the kitchen and he woke up a few minutes ago crying, "Amy", "Amy"!  For the longest time, I couldn't understand or figure out what he was saying.  Finally, it hit me.  He's still sooo sleepy and he wanted me to lay with him, or as he was saying, "lay with me" (Amy).  As soon as I came to cuddle up with Brody, he went right back to sleep!  I'm so glad this night owl momma has a baby who likes to sleep in! 

I'm in love with sleeping baby pictures and love to stare at my babies when they sleep!  Here's Brody this morning. 

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