Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twenty.12...Day 1

I'm ready to put 2011 behind me and start off with a fresh, new year!  Twenty 12, here I come!!  We hosted a fun family New Year's Eve at our house last night (my parents, 90-year old Grandma Jeanne, Tim's dad, my brother, my sister, brother-in-law and kids, and my next door neighbors).  With seven kids between my sister and I, home is the most fun to us surrounded by the people we love.  We had loads of food (as usual), our little ones' talent show, a game of Apples to Apple, lots of laughs, and we finished it off with fireworks.

Today was such a peaceful and relaxing start to the year!!  Yesterday, it felt like a spring day, it was foggy in the morning, then humid in the afternoon (or, shall I say, a bad hair day)!  Today, we woke up to the brightest, blue skies and much nicer temps!  Hooray for Texas cold fronts!

We knew it was the perfect day to spend outdoors with our family of five.  First, we headed to one of our favorite pizza spots - Grimaldi's (as if we need ANY more food)!  Then off to one of the prettiest parks surrounded by Lake Woodlands.  There were kids and families everywhere, it was such a stunningly beautiful day out.  I wanted time to stand still and enjoy the laugher of my kids, and the last few days we have left with them before it's back to the usual routine of school and work.  The ducks were in full force and we came with a box of cheese crackers, I'm sure they loved us!  Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees by now, but there were a few that had the prettiest orange leaves left.

As Tim watched the kids, I took some pictures and sat and thought about how blessed I am!  I am looking forward to a new year, new experiences personally and with my family, new things to learn, and goals that I want to accomplish in this last year of my 30's.  I feel like now that Brody is three, I can finally breathe a little and come off this crazy train that I have been on for years!  I'm ready to be me again.  Having three kids is HARD!!  I'm ready to slow down and enjoy life's little treasures.  I'm ready to be in the moment again.  Now that I am approaching 40 (and that was so scary to just type), I am ready to do things for me again! 
Breathe, pray, live, enjoy, learn, plans for Twenty 12!!!

Happy New Year!

Clear blue favorite kind of day!

Some fun with the ducks!

I'm excited to see what path 2012 will take me on!

Happy New Year!

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