Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brody is 10 months old!

Our sweet baby boy is 10 months old. What joy you have brought to our lives. Your big smiles, your giggles, the way you love us all sooo very much - it makes my heart melt. I am so glad that we made the decision to have you. God has blessed us!

This month you love to:
  • Walk around the table in the living room trying to get anything you can get your hands on
  • Play in the bathtub (with and without water), oh the sounds you make, it's so much fun
  • Get into cabinets although mommy is right by and scoops anything you aren't supposed to touch
  • Finally let daddy put you to sleep
  • Make a little fake cry when mommy tells you no and you shake your arms up and down
  • You adore your daddy and say dada or daddy all day long (what am I chopped liver?)
  • Talk a lot, you are making more sounds and your little personality is starting to shine!
  • Eat little snacks and not a whole lot of your baby food
  • Get mad if mommy tries to put you down, you are very clingy
  • Turn over on the changing table until you have something to play with like the lotion bottle
  • Sit in your stroller without the carrier, your feet are practically hanging off the carrier, it's almost time for a big boy carseat!
  • Play in your Pack-N-Play (aka prison) and stand up to watch Whyatt and you talk and smile the whole time
  • Play in Sydney's room, all kinds of new stuff to get into - you love her little Fisher-Price dollhouse and you like to eat the mom and dad's heads
  • Sit and hold the hair dryer, it fascinates you. You could hold it for 15 minutes and be totally happy and you love to watch me dry my hair
  • You mastered sitting down after holding on to the bathtub. I was terrified when you crawled over and pulled up to the bathtub especially with the tile floor. After weeks of carefully watching you and a few minor falls, you figured out how to slowly let go with one hand and sit down...wheeeww!!
  • You love to pull on the blinds if we don't pull them up quick enough and then you stand at the window and look outside
  • Move and walk from one end of the bed to the other. At first you would just hold on and now you are moving all around Mr. Independent
  • Play with the broom in the kitchen, that's something else that fascinates you, the dust pan handles is something else you could play with forever!
  • Sit in the cart and be a big boy at HEB or Hobby Lobby, ugg the thought of all the germs!
  • Babble a lot and say yaya
  • Giggle like the Brady Bunch fake background laugh and you snort when you laugh
  • Go for walks or be outside now that the weather is not so hot

Oh no, walking is just around the corner Mister. What are we going to do at Christmas time with our houseful of trees!! :-)

Here's a little video of Brody talking and playing!

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