Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Messy Artsy-Craftsy Afternoon!

Growing up, my mom always had such creative things for us to do in the summer.  We had so much fun doing projects and activities and I know that's why I still love to be creative today.  I asked mom for a artsy-craftsy goopy recipe we did as kids and she pulled out a sheet she had saved from the Houston Chronicle.  She made me a copy and Blake and Sydney have been asking to make a few.

We headed to USA Toy, which is so fun by the way if you have never been.  They have everything from party supplies, to toys to teacher supplies.  Right up any kid's alley!!  I wanted to get that thick butcher paper that a lot of restaurants have on their tables for the kids to color on.  They had it for .15 cents a yard.  What a steal!!

Once Brody took a nap, we made the fingerpaints and goop.  I told the kids to go grab an old, messy t-shirt so they wouldn't ruin their clothes.  I thought that Blake might not enjoy our crafty afternoon since he is a big boy of 10 now, but he still loved it.  I think it's any kid's dream to get all messy, it's more fun!!

Here are the recipes, so easy by the way! 

2 tablespoons cornstarch
1 cup of cold water
Craft/poster paints in various colors
Mix to smooth consistency.  Cook until clear and pudding thickness.  Add poster paint or other coloring while warm.
I divided the mixture in three bowls and we used different colors.  I made the mistake though of not cooking it (kids must have distracted me) and so they had runny watercolors.  So I will be making this again (the right way)!!  I even had fun painting, notice my rainbow in one of the pictures below!!

1 box of cornstarch
Food coloring
Mix cornstarch with enough water to make a pliable wet substance.  The mixture holds its shape when worked with hands, but "melts" when hands are still.  Food coloring can be added for color.

Blake and Sydney LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the goop!!  I added green food coloring to make it look monsterish.  They fought over it and so next time, I will make two batches - one for each of them!  Also, by this time, the butcher paper was starting to get wet once they started putting the goop all over it.  The next time I make it, it will definitely be an outdoor activity!!!

Here are some of the pictures of their fun!

Sydney before the messiness begins!

Look at Blake's mean face, he didn't want to share goop!

Overall, it was a fun afternoon, enjoyed by all!!


  1. Hey thanks for visiting my blog. Love yours too! What a fun idea for the kids. Ann at housefinally