Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am...fallifying the house!

I BELIEVE …that God puts people in your path for a reason.
I WANT…to go shopping at White House, Black Market for some new jeans, jewelry and shoes.
I HAVE …been so blessed to have such a wonderful family!
I KEEP …journals for my kids and record their growth and funny things they have done or said.
I WISH I COULD …leave for Paris or Italy stat.
I HATE …having credit card debt, how our lives would be so different!
I FEAR …car accidents.
I HEAR …The Young and the Restless from Monday on the DVR - the Newman's get good news, Victor is getting Colleen's heart.
I DON’T THINK …I can stand to see one more of those Welcome to Progressive Insurance commercials.
I REGRET …not going on that family trip to Washington D.C. so I could go visit Amy in Alabama.
I LOVE …the crazy month of November (6 birthdays, 3 anniversaries and Thanksgiving).
I AM NOT …over Sydney starting kindergarten, I still miss her hanging with me during the day.
I DANCE …at Club Fortunato to Yahoo Music with the kids.
I SING …in the car and wish I sounded as good as Celine Dion.
I NEVER …sit and read a book, well, it's been a long time, I miss it.
I RARELY …empty the dishwater - never liked it as a kid and I don't like it now. I leave that for Tim!
I CRY WHEN I WATCH …the Polar Express.
I AM NOT ALWAYS …good at returning e-mails, especially since I stopped working.
I MISS …my brothers.
I HATE THAT …it's October and it feels more like August.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT …why people do the things they do, the stories on the news these days - it's crazy.
I NEED …to go to bed earlier a few nights a week.
I SHOULD …be working on orders right now but the computer is calling!
I SNAGGED ... this from Live.Laugh.Love - a fellow Texas girl!

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  1. those were so good. I need to copy when I get back!