Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sully Flies Again!

I love this guy I gotta tell ya! I remember the day Sully landed in the Hudson! We had a washing machine repair guy over and I had the tv on and news broke of an airplane crash in the water. Whenever I hear of plane crashes I get a yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach thinking of all the families that are involved. They are people who are excited to get to their destination or people on their way home to see loved ones. That day in January, he was a hero and all his passengers and crew were able to get out alive and go home to their families. What an amazing feeling for all those involved. I think I love this story so much because I have always wanted to be a flight attendant and travel. My childhood friend Amy and I would talk about being flight attendants together after we saw an article about American Airlines in Seventeen magazine. I remember Dad would take us to the airport on Sundays when we were kids and we would camp out on the side of the road and watch planes take off and land and listen to his pilot's radio. I love everything about airplanes - they fascinate me. I still love to watch them in the sky and I get so excited when the flight plan is right above our house and I can pick out the airline or cargo carrier on the tail! Go Sully, go!

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