Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame

After Faith's first birthday party, we headed to the ballpark. The Rangers were playing Tampa Bay. We got there a little early for batting practice. The boys were excited - David was able to get them passes to go to the dugout and locker room. Blake and Jacob scored a few more autographs on their hats. The kids had fun playing the Slingshot game. Sydney and Jacob lucked out, they landed a hole in one and they each got a little prize. Blake was baffled that he tried so hard and then his kid sister strikes gold, the luck!! It's still so unreal to watch my baby brother live out his dream of being a baseball player!

Blake & Tim

Matt & Jacob

David's old number. No new #14's yet.

Blake trying his hardest for the prize!

Go, Jacob, go!

Alexa getting some coaching!

And the winners are Jacob and Sydney!


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