Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun Friday!

Today was such a fun Friday!  We had a great first week of summer and I'm still sane.  Yes, I am an order taker/waitress, spill cleaner up-er and maid for the next three months, but I love having my babies with me!!

My nephew Jacob has been with us this week and spent the night at our house two nights in a row.  The boys have had so much fun together - laughing, telling jokes, catching up, playing games, making plans for a lemonade stand next week, talking about rides at Disney, going to It'z, watching videos on You Tube, playing Just Dance on the Wii and dodging Sydney and Brody.  It makes me sad that they can't really spend this much time together until summer.  I have loved having Jacob around.  He's sooo smart and sooo funny and sooo imaginative.  I love that kid!!

Today just seemed like a lazy day.  We all slept until about 10:15.  It was nice, especially since I have stayed up so late this whole week.  We hung around and ate a late breakfast.  I told the kids last night that we needed to go to the garden center to get some fresh flowers.  It's been so hot here that all my favorite petunias are all leggy and dead looking.   We started off at Starbuck's and they loved their smoothies and decaf Fraps.  Eventually, we found our way to the sea of flowers.  Jacob and Sydney loved being on the double-decker cart and I was their tour guide.

We stopped to get Little Caesar's to pick up pizza for lunch and then headed outside, in the sunny, humid, ever-so-hot 95 degree Houston weather.  I planted and the kids washed the car and played with Brody in his pool.  Blake even climbed up in the tree taking the hose with him and creating a pool "waterfall".  Where does he come up with his ideas?? 

Anyways, it was fun and somewhat lazy since it's was a Friday.  The best part of all, we were outside much of the afternoon and I wasn't their maid.  I got a little break!!  :-)

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  1. Your family is just beautiful!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog -- such a fun layout!