Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

Today my baby sister turned 35!  She got the best present today...she is pregnant with her fourth baby and they found out this afternoon that it's another girl (the third)!!  The girls will reign in that household!!  It's not time to put away the dress-up clothes, the princesses, the hair bows, the high heels and all those girly clothes.  I'm so excited that I will still get to shop for a little girl!

My sister is the most patient and most loving mother ever.  I'm so proud of her for even trying to have a fourth baby.  But I know if anyone can do it, she can. 

We weren't always best of friends.  Growing up, I know she looked up to me.  I know I let her down all the times we would get our play restaurant setup or all the games lined up for a game convention and I decided that I didn't want to play anymore.  I was mean in high school to not let her wear my clothes and when I found out she did, I trashed her room.  How stupid and mean was that!  If I only knew then what best friends we would be today, that never would have happened!!  Steph - I'm sorry for all that!

You are my beautiful best friend, my confidant, you're there when I need to talk, you're there to get me through this crazy thing called motherhood, you're my "twin" - ha!, you're a wonderful, wife, mother and friend to others, you are amazingly creative and talented, you are caring and compassionate.  Your inner and outer beauty shines!!  I love having you as a sister and I'm so glad your girls will one day get to experience what it's like to have built in best friends like us!

I'm glad we got to share such a special day with you.  I love you!

P.S.  Isn't it crazy that we wore the almost exact outfit -  necklace and all!



  1. Happy Bday to your sis! That is a great pic of you two- you look like twins!

  2. Kate,
    Thanks so much! Everywhere we go, everyone always asks if we are twins even though we are two and a half years apart. It's funny!