Thursday, June 10, 2010

Messy Lil' Man

I'm sure every mom has the pictures of their kids making a mess or the famous spaghetti pictures.  Here are mine!!!  Brody loves spaghetti and there's nothing clean about it!!  He sure enjoyed himself and he made me laugh soooo hard by the time he was done rubbing it all in his face and hair!

How you like me now?


  1. He is so cute that even messy he looks

  2. Ha-larious!!!! I love it!!! Bet it was fun to clean that up!

  3. So yesterday the dude threw his entire bowl of spaghettios all over the floor and himself...then he asked for a bath. HA!

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  4. Thanks everyone for your comments!! I try to make sure he wears something dark on spaghetti days!! Lol!

    Kristin, I'll go to your new site and follow you! Thanks for letting me know about the change!