Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not on my street!

Just as I was shutting down my laptop last night around 1am, Tim came out into the living room and we both saw some bright blue lights on our dining room mirror. Normally the lights move quickly when cars are coming around our little semi cul-de-sac (we are at the end of the street). Sydney fell asleep on the couch and as we moved her to her bed, we heard a loud sound. Tim went outside to check and ran back in the house saying the car crashed into our neighbor's house. He grabbed the phone and called 911.

Within minutes, there were at least 6 police cars, a wrecker and a fire truck that all showed up in front of our house!! Tim was in his glory. It was right up his alley seeing that he minored in Criminal Justice in college and almost chose that route (which I'm soooo glad he didn't). He even knew some of the officers, "yeah, I played softball with him." Tee hee!

What would cause a dude to crash into a house on our quiet little street?? Well, I had an idea but still couldn't believe this was happening in front of us! Sure enough, he was arrested for DWI. He had alcohol in his system and failed the test. I had a hard time going to sleep after it was all over, I kept thanking God that my family was safe and it wasn't our house. I have thought about that before...what if?? It could have easily been, especially since we live at the end of a street and our house is the last one before the street curves around! Our neighbor is ok, just a little shaken. As they took the bad guy away, I said a little prayer for him, knowing that his life is really stinkin about now. Maybe this was a little eye opener for him that he shouldn't get behind the wheel of a car after too many drinks. He could have killed someone! Imagine having to tell family and friends that you crashed into someone's house because you were drinking.

They put yellow tape around the house and it's badly damaged on the front (the picture doesn't do justice), they are going to have to take the whole front part off to repair it. All the neighbors who slept through it were out taking a peek this morning! This is the kind of stuff you see on the news, not on my street!

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