Thursday, August 27, 2009

Talking to myself!

Now that the noise level during the day has decreased by about 500%, and I don't have to listen to Blake and Sydney fighting, I am finding that the house is almost too quiet. In the past few days, I can think again. And, I never thought that I would admit this, but I am finding that I have been talking to myself. Maybe I am thinking that Brody knows what I am saying, but as a 9-month old, he probably thinks, "that lady is crazy!"

One of my favorite things to do is watch Food Network. I loooove food, most kinds anyway except sushi, goat cheese and salmon, just the thought makes me quiver!! I love to cook and bake. I love the entire process from picking the recipe, to grocery shopping, to the smells to the presentation of it all. I love to watch Giada, Paula - hey ya'll, Guy, and my new fave - Melissa D'Arabian who won the "Next Food Network Star". Maybe I am watching too much Food Network lately or something, because when I am cooking, it's almost as if I'm pretending I have my own show. I'm picking up on some of the things they say on tv and I have starting to say them when I cook. Here are some examples:

"Ok, next we're gonna..."
"For this part we need to..."
"The yummy goodness of it..."
"We're gonna go ahead..."
"Let's add..."
"There we go."

So, today, with no one to talk to but a nine month old, I was finding myself saying these same things in my mind as I do when I cook.

"Ok, were gonna go ahead and mix up your cereal and applesauce."
"Next, we're gonna go to Michael's to grab some frames to finally put your newborn pictures in and take up some space on that empty wall."
"The yummy goodness of your YoBaby yogurt makes me want to eat it."
"Ok, now we have to get mommy some lunch."
"Let's add some milk to that bottle."
"There we go, your diaper is all changed!"

I used to bust Tim and make fun of him when I discovered he wasn't talking on his phone, but to himself. I also never understood why people at the grocery or places where I shopped would talk out loud to themselves (I haven't taken it that far yet)! I shouldn't make it a habit though, or maybe I will! When we were kids, we would crack up at the wide variety of books in Dad's bookcases. One of them was "What to Say When You Talk to Yourself". Maybe I could borrow it and get some tips! :-)

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