Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Celebrating 13 Years of Marriage!

It's the crazy month of birthdays and anniversaries in our family.  Let the games begin - November 9th - our 13th anniversary!  I cannot believe it.  We enjoyed a nice dinner at Taste of Texas - yummy!  We haven't been there in forever.  Every year, we always go somewhere in The Woodlands (for 12 years), this year, it was nice to venture out and do something different.  We left Brody with Mom and Dad and brought Blake and Sydney with us knowing how we would be talking about them the whole time and saying how much they would have loved it.  We had a great dinner and the kids loved digging into our dessert topped with a sparkler!

After, we headed to the new little shopping area called City Centre.  All the trees were lit up and it felt so Christmasey already.  They had a nice big lawn that the kids ran on and they took turns chunking rocks into the cool infinity pond.  We can't wait to go back and try out the restaurants.  I love having an anniversary so close to the holidays!

Thirteen Things I Love About You Tim:

1.  Blake, Sydney and Brody
2.  Your unselfishness, you are always so giving of yourself and help everyone no matter what
3.  Your dedication to your baseball teams - I love how people look up to you and trust your opinions, you are an awesome coach!
4.  You have connections and know at least two people everywhere we go!
5. You will do anything for your kids
6.  Your laughter, you are always joking and telling jokes many of which I'm not so quick to get
7.  You love to watch old 80's movies with me and put up with me as I say all the movie lines!
8.  Your super soft feet that I love to play footsie with
9.  Your sparkling blue eyes that make me melt
10.  You work so hard and let me stay home with the kids
11.  You always smell good, well, except after baseball!
12.  You make me feel like a princess
13.  You call me several times a day just cause

November 9, 1996 - Our pictures already look sooo dated!

November 9, 2009

Happy 13th Anniversary and to many more to come!  I love you! 
319 XOXO, Shannon
3+11+12+20+26=72 (the year we were both born)
7+2=9 (our anniverary)
We were meant to be!!!

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