Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An E-mail Home from the Kindergarten Teachers

I hate smiling, I'm doing it my way!

Smiling, how stupid, it's more fun to stick out my tongue!

Today I went to eat lunch with Sydney, well actually, it was more like I ate lunch with her friend Brooklyn.  Miss Priss didn't pay a bit of attention to me or even sit next to me.  What a way to make a mommy feel!  I'm just the McDonald's delivery lady, that's all.  So I ran into one of her teachers as she dropped them off at lunch and got a little earful on her recent behavior, great!  Cringe!

Uh-oh...Sydney tells me when I pick her up from school that her teacher sent me an e-mail.  Well, I already know what it's about...her talking and lack of staying on task, it's the same stuff week after week from her weekly Tuesday folder.  Sydney and I have been butting heads since she was four.  Yes, four, way too young to do this, she's still my baby.  Our personalities are completely the opposite, I am more reserved where Sydney is bouncing off the walls, Miss Personality, strong-willed, a talker and a do what I want kind of little girl.  Take for example our mornings before school.  She wants to wear something I didn't pick out, something that is too small or doesn't match, shoes that are old and messed up, a bow that doesn't match, she wants to wear her hair down when it's dirty, her hair up when it's pretty and clean, doesn't want to brush her teeth and the list goes on and on.  I'm exhausted before the day even starts!!  I love my little princess to pieces but how do I get her to listen to me?  Help!!

Here is the e-mail from her teacher:
Just wanted to follow up with you about our conversation earlier. A few things we are seeing in class would be that Sydney is having trouble staying on her task. She wants to get up and see what others around her are doing. She has not been getting her morning journal and other work done due to her talking. I have tried to take her distractions (lip gloss, extra pencils, ID badge, stamper) so that she could concentrate on what is being asked of her. We have asked that she not bring things like this that would get in the way of her wanting to learn. We have really been working on following directions with Sydney. For example, when we were making the Pilgrims for our book, she went ahead and did the Pilgrim how she wanted and did not wait as we were going step by step and then hers was facing the wrong way and we had to redo it. I know you are dealing with this at home but we would love to find a way to help her out. We just need to get her to listen before doing as she wishes. We appreciate your help!

Maybe Sydney will learn to listen one day!  :-)  But in the meantime, she has taught me a great deal of patience and I only wish I could have just a portion of her personality!  She is truly a one-of-a-kind.  I love you my precious Sydney and I think you'll be famous one day!  :-)

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  1. You got that right! Oh my goodness gracious, that sounds just like Syd!!! That cracks me up with the lip gloss. Poor little backwards Pilgrim!!