Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, Our Little Turkey Baby Turns One!

It's amazing how fast a year goes by.  This time last year, we brought Brody home on Thanksgiving Day after surprising the family when they were all finishing up Thanksgiving dinner.  Although we would have much rather been with our families on Thanksgiving Day last year, I loved the coziness of being in the hospital on a cold day with our new baby and being pampered by all the nurses.

We made up for it this year spending the entire day with the family.  Blake and I stayed up really late last night making appetizers and goodies for Brody's birthday party today.  We finished around 1:30 am and I set my alarm clock for 2:13 am, the time Brody was born.  I had to be awake when he turned a year old and give him a kiss.  As he slept soundly, I remembered back to the past year and thought about how much joy you have brought to our lives.

You were so happy today even though you only napped for about 45 minutes all day long.  Even though today was Thanksgiving, I still wanted you to have cake.  We sang happy birthday and let you dive into your own smash cake.  You were so cute eating it and flicking it everywhere.  We just sat down to dinner when you decided to wake up.  You ate a yummy turkey dinner with potatoes and green bean casserole.  You were so hungry that you ate two helpings. 

After dinner, we opened your presents.  What fun toys you received.  Aunt Steph even found a cute little elf book for you.  I just crack up when she calls you that!  You played a lot and even tried to stand up from being on the floor without holding onto anything!  You had so much fun bopping your balloons and trying to get into Coachy and Grammy's alcohol cabinet (uh uh uh, no no no)!!  The big kids - Blake, Sydney, Jacob and Alexa loved hitting the pinata loaded with candy.  When the bottom fell off, the race for candy was on!!

This month, here are some things you are doing:

  • You love to hold balls in your hand and play catch back and forth
  • You love daddy's hat and hold it while saying "Dada"
  • You have started to hit if you get frustrated
  • You love to climb up on the dishwasher door
  • You played peek-a-boo with me for the first time and hid your head behind the couch
  • You cannot stand to have socks on your feet, you pull them off everytime I put them on you
  • You loooove to hold Blake's Tinker Toys and you won't let go - you crawl with them in your hands from the bedroom to the kitchen and back
  • You started standing on your own without holding on, I can tell you'll be walking soon!
  • Talking so much - the words you say are ball, hat, mama, dada, good
We love you our Little Man, Mr. B, Bubba, Brody Bear, Broy, Brode, Bro, Munchin, Scooter

I am so happy to be your mommy! We love you so much!

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