Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween 2009

Most of the Halloween decorations are down and a few Christmas trees are up.  I am just getting around to posting Halloween pictures.  Blake was a scary clown, Sydney was a ladybug and Brody was the Tin Man.  We went to Jacob's birthday party that morning and the kids had a blast watching Matt and his Mad Scientist show.  The kids loved eating all the scary food that Witch Stephanie cooked up.  It was so funny watching them guess the chocolate in the "poopy" diapers.  What a great party that was!  The kids trick-or-treated with their cousins.  They are so lucky to live within a close drive to one another and to be able to grow up and spend fun times together - something I wish we could have done with our cousins.

Here's a little slideshow from Halloween.

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