Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy New Year and New Goals

I can't believe it's 2010!!!  It just sounds so futuristic.  It seems like yesterday when 10 years ago this time everyone was freaked out about Y2K and I was pregnant with Blake.  My baby will be 10 years old in May.  I don't even want to think it!

With a new year, comes new goals!!  So many times February or March comes around and baseball and birthday parties and showers keep up so busy on weekend, that I tend to lose track of my goals.  Not this year, I have promised myself to slow down and enjoy each day and not letting the hectic schedule over-run us! 

The kids went back to school a few weeks ago and I couldn't wait to start getting organized.  Blake and I watch the show Hoarders on A&E.  That show gives me such motivation to get my cabinets and drawers all cleaned up.  I watch as these people do not let go of anything and the piles are a mile high.  It's disgusting to watch but I feel so sorry for them since it's a mental illness.  So, I got to work taking Christmas decorations down and I cleaned out practically every drawer and cabinet, I also cleaned the oven out which hasn't been done since before Brody was born.  It was nasty and stunk up the whole house for 5 hours!!  Since being pregnant with Brody and having our little guy around in the last year, I haven't had much time for any deep cleaning or organizing.  But I decided it was time!!  So, he played and I cleaned.  I found lots of crumbs and tons of stuff I no longer use.  It feels so good to purge and start fresh.  If I haven't used something in the last year, it's outta here!  I cleaned under my bathroom counters and realized I am such a product junkie!!  I love hair products, lotions, stuff that makes me smell good and cool bottles.  I love pink too!!  I can't believe all this stuff...and it's only a small little portion of products!!

I bought my new Twenty-Ten calendar and printed off some freebie goal sheets from one of my fave websites - House of 3.  I filled them all up really quick. 

I finally feel like I have this three kids thing under control (most of the time) and have so many things I want to do this some books, get back to my Bible, take a beading class, take my online Photoshop class (thanks Steph)!!, volunteer again at school, take another photography class, learn cake decorating, organize all my pictures, join the Meals Ministry at church, work on some crafty projects that I have had in the works forever, the list goes on and on and on....

So, wishing you a fabulous Twenty-Ten.  It's gonna be a great year!


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