Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year's Eve - Sea World

We went to Sea World last July and our tickets were two-for-one.  The fall flew by so fast and baseball kept up so busy so we had to find time to use our extra set of tickets before the end of the year.  We decided to spend New Year's Eve in San Antonio.  We completely surprised the kids.  We packed all the bags and got everything ready without them even knowing.  There is nothing worse than being a kid and told you are going somewhere a week or two from now.  To kids, that's an eternity.  So, we wanted it to be a surprise.  We woke the kids up bright and early and told them we were going to get kolaches.  The gig was up when Blake tried to get in the backseat but couldn't since it was loaded with all the luggage and pillows and blankets.  He wanted to know where we were going.  Blake and Sydney were so excited to find out we were headed to Sea World for New Year's Eve!

Some conked out kiddos!

I was so excited that some nice person took our picture, but I guess Brody doesn't count!  Ha!

Our brood!

The 3-D short version of the Polar Express was so fun..."real" snow, wind, hot cocoa smells, it was like we were in the movie!

Some creepy guys!

I love flowers and stock is one of my favorites, they were so pretty!

Luckily, they all avoided a large soaking, it started to get chilly at night time.

The Shamu show was awesome especially at dark and set to Christmas music!  A nice couple behind us saved us, they gave Brody some suckers and he was good to go the entire show!

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