Friday, January 29, 2010

Lulu's Bakery and Cafe

We all enjoyed spending New Year's Eve at Sea World!!  It was fun doing something different.  It was especially strange to be at a theme park in Texas and have beautiful weather.  Instead of smelling sweaty people, you could smell laundry detergent.  It was quite refreshing to stand in line and be happy and not all sweaty and grumpy!!

We watched the Sea World fireworks and then headed to our favorite Mexican eatery in San Antonio - El Taco Tote.  We headed for the hotel which was downtown and hard to get to with all the traffic.  Tim can't stand to get lost and he was soooo frustrated when turn after turn took us out of the way and then finally the street we were supposed to turn on to get to the hotel was blocked off by police.  We eventually made it and rang in 2010 in our hotel room while watching Dick Clark's New Year's Eve.  Tim took the kids to watch fireworks that were over downtown San Antonio. 

One of my favorite things to do is eat, so finding cool, one-of-a-kind hole in the walls in different cities is tops on my list.  On New Year's Day, our first stop was Lulu's Bakery and Cafe.  David had told us he saw it on the Travel Channel on Man vs. Food and said they had a 3-pound cinnamon roll.  We had to check it out.  The rolls were huge.  We had a sample and I thought my Paula Deen cinnamon rolls were better.  We had chicken fried steak that was soooo delish!  The girls behind the counter were the nicest ever.  We had a spilled drink and they though nothing of it, real nice gals!!

Check out the size of that thang!

I'm so excited that Lulu's made the top 25, it will be airing on Sunday.

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