Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Today was Sydney's Kindergarten Graduation.  It was so cute.  They got to parade in front of all the parents in their caps up to the front of the cafeteria to receive their diplomas.  I can't believe that Kindergarten is over.  It seems like it just started!!  I remember how sad I was once school started and my little girly wasn't with me anymore during the day.   It's been a fun year, but also a year filled with notes home for my little Miss Chatterbox's talking, not following directions, not staying on task, getting into her classmates' business, arguing with others, getting out of her seat, talking in line and redirection.  Her poor teachers, they are angels!!  I don't know how they do it all day long!!  Lordy, I think I am the one who needs the "I made it through Kindergarten" diploma!  Yes, I shed many a tear over this.  My sweet little Sydney has a mind of her own.  She is so strong-willed and wants to do her own thing.  She is so the opposite of my personality, but I love that she has taught me so much, especially patience!  Oh...the morning arguments before school, the crying because she didn't have the right outfit or shoes on, goodness.  She's a girl, and this is only the beginning!!!

I am soooo excited that Sydney has come home for the last 7 days in a row without ONE single mark on her folder.  I can already tell, she's growing up a bit.  She has been waking up before me for the last week and gotten herself dressed and fixed her hair.  All without her momma and all without a single tear or argument!  I am lovin' it and I love my girl to pieces!!  Congratulations my lil' graduate! 

 Sydney's friends

Sydney's BFF Brooklyn

Sydney's Teachers - she adores them and plays them after school every day!

The girls!

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