Monday, May 17, 2010

Babies+Hot Cars Don't Mix

My sweet "Bubby" in his carseat at four months.

God sent a little baby (one that I did not know) an angel today.  I am so filled with adrenaline and emotion right now.  I just can't believe the events of this afternoon.

Blake asked me last night if I would take him to Game Stop to get a game that he had been wanting.  I told him I would take him after school.  I believe things happen for a reason and just at the right time - it's God's plan!  My friend sent me a text and asked if I would pick up her kids and one other friend.  So, I had a car full of kids that I had to drop off and this was not my normal schedule.  Sydney decided to go to swim team practice with Brooklyn.  So, I just had my boys with me.  We went to Game Stop, we got Blake's game and were in and out within minutes. 

As I was about to get into my car, I glanced into the car next to me and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw tiny feet hanging out of a baby carseat and a blanket completely covering the carrier umbrella part.  The car was turned off, only the baby's window was cracked, the car was unlocked and there was no parent in sight.  The temperature on my car read 95 degrees, it's already getting sooo hot in Texas.  At first I thought this was an episode of ABC's "What Would You Do".  There was a hair salon in front of my car and I kept thinking surely someone is going to come out.  I waited and waited and no one came out. 

I was not going to leave until I saw someone get in that car.  I wanted to give them a piece of my mind.  I was furious, how could anyone do that to a tiny baby!!  It had now been 7 minutes.  I called the police.  All I could think of is the stories I hear on the news about innocent young children and babies dying in hot cars.   

The police showed up in minutes...5 police cars, an ambulance, a fire truck, wreckers.  They immediately opened the door, took out the baby and went to examine him in the ambulance, which he turned out to be just fine, just very flushed and dehydrated.  As soon as all the commotion began, out comes the parent...a father.  This was the man who walked into Game Stop as we walked out.  I looked at my receipt showing the time I checked out to the time the police showed up - 15 minutes.  Fifteen minutes that this baby was covered up with a blanket in 90 degree weather with a two inch crack to breath all alone, by himself.  Except, he wasn't alone.  God was with him..  Who knows how long that father would have stayed in Game Stop.  Really...was a game more important than your four month old son?

I let this father know how I felt when he came out and I was practically in tears.  All he could say to me was "Yes M'aam".  I think he was shocked, but he also didn't seem too distraught about it which really suprised me.  Maybe he was in disbelief that he was in deep do-do.  The officer who got my statement said the whole front office was radioing to check on the baby.  He told me I did the right thing by calling them.  I mentioned I kept checking on the baby and how I felt bad for not taking him out of the car.  He told me it was best to let them take care of it not knowing if I would be attacked somehow by the parent.  By this time, onlookers were everywhere.  As unGodly as it sounds, I wanted him to feel like an idiot.   Being the parent of a new baby is tough.  You cannot make quick trips to the store, you can't run in and out anymore.  As a parent, you owe your life to that baby and you will do anything it takes to keep them safe.  Apparently, this father didn't quite get it yet.  You take your new baby EVERYWHERE, even if it is inconvenient or if your baby is asleep.  All he had to do was lift the carrier and take him inside.  Four month olds love their carriers and don't wake up THAT easily.

I had asked the officer what was going to happen to him.  He told me that the father didn't know it yet, but he was getting ARRESTED and what he did is a felony in Texas.  They put him in the squad car and were taking him to jail.  He put that baby in danger - for leaving him in a hot car for 15 minutes unattended with the doors unlocked (he could have been kidnapped). 

I am so thankful that God chose me to look out for this baby today and put me in that parking spot to keep him safe!  When I left, I pulled around by the ambulance and the EMT brought him to me.  I gave him a big kiss and told him God loved him and He was looking out for him today!  :-)

I can only hope that for the rest of tonight and for the days ahead, that the baby's father ponders his actions today and realizes what a big mistake he made that could have cost his son's life.

Finally, as the hot summer months approach, please, please look into other people's cars.  There could be a precious life inside, someone that needs to be saved!


  1. What a freaking idiot!! This makes me mad when I think about all the people that want kids and cannot have them! You definitely did the right thing! Good job!! XO KJ

  2. Your story made me sick! Thank God you noticed the baby!